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Visible. viagra for sale [edit] diagnosis in more complex instances, additional testing will be requested. viagra pills A "voiding cystourethrogram" (sis-toe-yoo-reeth-roe-gram) is a test that involves taking x-rays of the bladder during urination. This x-ray shows the shape of the bladder and lets the doctor see any problems that might block the normal flow of urine. Other tests may be needed to find or rule out problems in other parts of the urinary system. [1] [edit] treatment treatment options range from no treatment for a mild cystocele to surgery for a serious cystocele. [1] if a cystocele is not bothersome, the doctor may only recommend avoiding heavy lifting or straining that could cause the cystocele to worsen. If symptoms are moderately bothersome, the doctor may recommend a pessary, [2] a device placed in the vagina to hold the bladder in place. Pessaries come in a variety of shapes and sizes to allow the doctor to find the most comfortable fit for the patient. buy viagra cheap Pessaries must be removed regularly to avoid infection or ulcers. viagra without prescription Large cystoceles may require surgery [3] to move the bladder back into a more normal position and keep it there. online pharmacy for generic viagra This operation may be performed by a gynecologist, urologist or urogynecologist. [edit] references ^ a b c d "cystocele (fallen bladder)". Retrieved 2007-11-21.   ^ "cystocele: treatment - mayoclinic. buy viagra online Com". Retrieved 2007-11-21.   ^ handel ln, frenkl tl, kim yh (2007). how to purchase viagra online "results of cystocele repair: a comparison of traditional anterior colporrhaphy, polypropylene mesh and porcine dermis". J. Urol. 178 (1): 153–6; discussion 156. Doi:10. 1016/j. Juro. 36 hour viagra vs viagra 2007. viagra daily for prostate 03. 041. Pmid 17499285.   [edit] external links cystocele details, description v t e female diseases of the pelvis and genitals (n70–n99, 614–629) internal adnexa ovary oophoritis â· ovarian cyst (follicular cyst of ovary, corpus luteum cyst, theca lutein cyst) â· endometriosis of ovary â· ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome â· ovarian torsion â· ovarian apoplexy â· mittelschmerz â· female infertility (anovulation, poor ovarian reserve) fallopian tube salpingitis â· hydrosalpinx â· hematosalpinx â· female infertility (fallopian tube obstruction) uterus endometrium endometritis â· endometriosis â· endometrial polyp â· endometrial hyperplasia â· asherman's syndrome â· dysfunctional uterine bleeding menstruation: flow (amenorrhoea, hypomenorrhea, oligomenorrhea) â· timing (menorrhagia, menometrorrhagia, metrorrhagia) â· pain (dysmenorrhea, pms) female infertility (habitual abortion) myometrium adenomyosis parametrium parametritis cervix cervicitis â· cervical polyp â· nabothian cyst â· cervical incompetence. viagra canada online
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